French-to-English translations making perfect sense!

Sense Translations offers French-to-English translation and subtitling services. Our primary goal is to help your company communicate and expand internationally. We also offer subtitling and audio translation services and informal interpreting services locally. Here's what our director and translator, James Perry, has to say:


"With 4 years of professional experience and the IoLET Diploma in Translation (French-to-English) under my belt, I am always ready to help your business communicate its message on an international level".


We are also continually engaged in the pursuit of specialisation, so as to improve quality, accuracy and speed. Your deadlines are what make us tick! 


We use Trados Studio 2011, the most popular industry CAT tool (Computer-Assisted Translation), which helps us to work faster and more consistently with word auto-suggest features and personal glossaries.


Our translations are infinitely more effective than machine translations (MT) because we match your style, register, context and nuance... We are also human, so we can talk to you to find out what you need specifically. It's all about effective communication!


Contact us for any French translation request. We will be happy to discuss what you need and negotiate a price. 

The areas we specialise in:


  • General
  • Legal: sales contracts, commercial lease agreements
  • Subtitling and audio translation
  • Official reports: insurance, environmental
  • Marketing: retail marketing articles, product promotions
  • Oil and gas
  • Transport and logistics


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Being a freelancer and a dad podcast (April 8, 2015)
How do we cope as both dads and freelance translators?! Audio interview by Eve Bodeux and Corinne McKay. The translators interviewed were James Perry (me), Miguel Armentia and Jonathan Downie.
Freelancer Dads.mp3
MP3 audio file [18.2 MB]